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Attorney and Counsellor at Law
William C. Gottschalk, L.L.C.
2708 Pathview Drive
Dacula, Georgia 30019

Owning Real Estate and enjoying all of the rights and benefits of real estate ownership is a dream that most living in America long to achieve. Once these dreams come to fruition, being notified that your real property is scheduled for an eminent domain acquisition can become a nightmare.

If you are confronted with an eminent domain “taking” of your property, there are many questions that need to be addressed; not the least of which is the amount to be paid for your property being acquired.

I’ve studied eminent domain law in Georgia for over 20 years. I have testified in court as an expert in the valuation of real estate being acquired by and through the laws of eminent domain.

If your real estate is under the threat of condemnation, or is planned to be acquired under the legal authority of eminent domain as part of a proposed development project, and you are not currently being represented by an attorney, you owe it to yourself to seek a “no-cost,” “no-obligation” conference with me focusing on your rights as a property owner in Georgia.

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